EvE Habitat Network

The Evolutionary Environment (EvENet) provides a P2P Network for guiding the evolution of Software Services and Service Compositions over time. This evolution is based on knowledge sharing and optimised using GA and Agent Systems. It is part of the DBE, and helps to deploy, find and store services and service description the DBE.

A habitat is the logical place where the evolutionary optimisation and selection processes of the DBE can happen. Each participant in the EvE Network can have its own habitat. At this moment, a one-to-one relationship between SME and its habitat is envisaged. From a technical point of view, a habitat is implemented as a DBE Service on top of the DBE's servent architecture.

For further information on the underlying architecture, interfaces and the intelligence system, please refer to the navigation area on the left. Here you can find the access to the sourcecode of the EvE habitat service implementation, including the source-code inline javadoc documentation.

For more non-technical information on the ideas behind the EvE and the DBE, have a look at this flash presentation (requires macromedia flash plugin).