Architectural Overview

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) promise to provide potentially huge numbers of services that programmers can combine, via standardised interfaces, to create increasingly more sophisticated and distributed applications. The EvE Network Digital Ecosystem will extend this concept by the automatic combining of available and applicable services in a scalable architecture, to meet business user requests for applications.

The individuals (EvE services) within the Digital Ecosystem are light-weight entities consisting of a description and an executable reference to the DBE service they represent. The description contained within each service acts as a guarantee of its functionality, and is the inheritable component from one generation to the next in the evolutionary optimisation. These individuals within our Digital Ecosystem will also be combinations of services (applications) created, using evolutionary optimisation, in response to business user requests for applications. These individuals will migrate through the Digital Ecosystem and adapt to find 'niches' where they are useful in fulfilling other business user requests for applications.

So the word 'ecosystem' will be more than just a metaphor in the EvE Digital Ecosystem.

EvE Overview