Service Properties

Apart from the properties needed by the servent, the EvE itself has some properties.

Unique Service ID

When starting a habitat for the first time on a new node, or the serviceId property is set to the initial value of "EVEID", the service generates a new "unique" id for the service. This id is used to find and identify a specific habitat in the EvE Network, the name can be freely choosen but should ensure uniqueness.

Service Configuration

migration.probability.class no Defaults to
migration.random.timer no This value defines the time (in minutes) for repatedly starting a random migration. Defaults to 1440 (24h).
GeneticAlgorithm.Factory Yes Name of the genetic algorithm factory to be used. DefaultValue is DefaultGAFactory.
ServicePool.filename Yes Filename for persisting the ServicePool. When the HabitatService starts up, the service pool is read from this file. If the file is not physically there, a new empty pool is created. For details see Service Pool.
ServicePool.persist.interval No This defines the interval for persisting the service pool to the provided filename (in minutes). If not provided, the servicePool tries to discover when something has changed (e.g., new Service has been added), and persists afterwards.

TODO:This feature is not implemented. By now, if the service interval is not provided, a default interval of 10 minutes is used.

FitnessFunctionFramework Configuration

The FitnessFunctionFramework has its own properties file,"

FitnessFunctions Yes The list of FitnessFunctions that are exposed to the FFF. Only fitnessFunctions that are registered to the FFF can be used for evaulation.