Related Material

The EvE is conducted from work of several partners. This page provides additional information and links to research papers, presentations and deliverables from the work "behind the scenes" of this software.

This list is neither exhaustive nor complete.

Author / InstitutionTitleTypeLink
G. Briscoe

Imperial College London
DBE Deliverable 6.3:

How Software Development in the DBE differs
PDF DBE Deliverable 6.3
G. Briscoe, P. de Wilde

Imperial College London
DBE Deliverable 6.1:

Self-Organisation in Multi-Agent Systems
PDF DBE Deliverable 6.1
T. Heistracher, T. Kurz, G. Marcon, C. Masuch

University of Applied Sciences Salzburg
DBE Deliverable 9.1:

Report on Fitness Landscape
PDF DBE Deliverable 9.1