Genetic Algorithm

The Genetic Algorithm (GA) part of the EvE is responsible for generating solutions for users request. That is, after a user formulates a requets, these request is given to the habitat's findBestGuestSolution method, which triggers a GA run to start. As the research on the GA part of the EvE is still under progress, the EvE currently provides just a demo implementation of a GA that uses simplified, random service description.

The GA Factory

A GA implementation within the EvE is done by four steps:
  1. sub-classing GAFactory and
  2. implementing a GeneticAlgorithm.
  3. implementing a matching FitnessFunction
  4. change the GeneticAlgorithm.Factory property in the file to the name of the new GAFactory implementation.
A demo implementation can be found by looking at the package


Although a GA can be added relatively easy, the standard user/developer of the EvE GA Part usually just adds a new FitnessFunction.